Quartex represents more than 30 years of software development in a multitude of languages. From the days of 16 bit home computers to our modern world of cloud centric, distributed “full-stack” solutions – Quartex can deliver them all.

Our services

ourservices02While we specialize in components for Embarcadero Delphi and C++ builder, we also take on projects for complete software solutions. Our staff has experience with constructing embedded systems, implementing government standards, billing and invoice systems, mobile applications, desktop programs, kiosk software and much, much more.

We have delivered custom server solutions designed to handle terabytes of data; servers that scales well and operate in a cluster model. We have created and deployed complete backup systems that run in the cloud; Billing and invoice systems for small to medium size companies, and last but not least: mobile applications for every platform on the market.

We can offer our services in consulting and human resource management, helping you locate Delphi developers in your region – or a suitable candidate for remote work.

Server programming

Creating headless and non-visual services that runs in the background is a special discipline. It requires a high degree of accuracy and insight into how the operative system deals with access rights, roles and permissions. Not to mention things that can only be learned through hands-on experience.

Services should integrate gracefully with the network, use active directory for user authentication, log information to established standards and implement proper error handling. That means the services should take specific actions depending on the situation, like sending an email to the administrator, issue backups of your database and try to solve problems and situations gracefully.

Quartex has more than 15 years of experience delivering Microsoft Windows services. We have delivered services for companies like Hydro, which is the biggest oil company in scandinavia; Services that are in operation 24 / 7 with little or no room for downtime.

We have also developed windows services for the norwegian government. The norwegian government has one of the most secure it-infrastructures in the world. Some of the fundamental demands are:

  • The use of SSL for all communication
  • Certificate based encryption applied to all data
  • Secure signing of documents or files emitted
  • Communicating with smart-cards containing SSL cipher blocks
  • Working with fingerprint and retina identification drivers
  • Using the KITH XML message standard when communicating with other government agencies
  • Extensive logging of both program-flow and exceptions

We can also deliver services for Linux. Both native solutions (compiled with Lazarus), node.js servers with clustering (compiled with smart pascal).

Note: From Q1 of 2017 Embarcadero Delphi gains support for Linux servers.

Mobile applications

For mobile applications we have a wealth of technologies and services to offer. In fact, many of the technologies other companies use to deliver mobile applications originated right here at Quartex Components.

Back in 2010 the president of Quartex Components gathered a team of top developers from the Delphi community. Together they built what is today is known as Smart Mobile Studio.

This is a complete development environment, one that takes object pascal and compiles it to JavaScript rather than machine code. This Javascript is then post processed with Adobe build services to produce real, binary executables. Programs ready for Appstore or Google Play and similar storefronts.

So the insight and experience we can offer regarding mobile applications -is really way beyond what most companies can provide.

Mobile FMX apps

We can deliver high quality mobile solutions using Embarcadero Delphi and the Firemonkey framework. These applications are 100% native running at optimal speed. As of writing the Firemonkey framework covers the following mobile devices:

  • Apple iPhone
  • Apple watch
  • Google android
  • Google glasses

Mobile SMS apps

We can also deliver mobile applications written in Smart Pascal, which has a broader impact and requires less development time. With Smart pascal you can target all devices from a single code base:

  • Apple iPhone
  • Google Android
  • Microsoft phone
  • Blackberry
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Apple Fire TV
  • Ubuntu Phone
  • Mozilla Phone
  • Wearable tech
  • Embedded SoC
  • [..continues..]


As a bonus Smart applications can leverage well established JavaScript libraries and frameworks, many that have been professionally developed for years. This means that you can place some trust in what we have to offer.

Embedded devices

Developing software to run on embedded boards or SoC (system on a chip) is something we love to do. Our primary board of preference is the Raspberry PI model 3, but we have also worked with other boards (both x86 and arm).

ultiboFor the Raspberry PI 3 we can deliver single program solutions, meaning that the software we create for you is the only software running on the board. That means no operative system except the ultibo kernel. Ultibo is a mini operative system in its own right, implemented from scratch in object pascal.

Ultibo gives you full control over the display, GPIO, USB, Wi-Fi, mouse and keyboard support, disk IO and everything you expect from a modern embedded platform. But the benefits of running your kiosk software as the only executable has to be experienced to be believed. The speed is phenomenal.

If you prefer a Linux based solution that is not a problem. We deliver both native and scripted products for Ubuntu or Raspbian distributions:

  • Embarcadero Delphi (* Linux server support is expected q1 2017)
  • Freepascal
  • Smart pascal, node.js powered, scalable and cluster ready
  • Mono C#

Tell us what you need and we will present you with the most cost effective, long term and robust solution to cover those needs.

Kiosk systems

a90b89d951aab84a9ca77ea81df9db0aKiosk systems are designed to run a single visual application. This application can be non-interactive (displaying pictures, movies, banners and information) or fully interactive with touch capabilities.

By leveraging the power of node.js and Smart Mobile Studio the kiosk functionality is implemented as a pure node.js server running locally on the embedded board. The visual part of the application is likewise created using smart pascal, and communicates with the service layer through full-duplex websocket.

This architecture gives our customers a high degree of flexibility. Should the demand for more cpu power become a factor in the future, you can simply move the back-end to another machine on the network and dedicate the embedded board to rendering the user interface.

If you prefer a Microsoft Windows-based platform (Windows 10 embedded) running on x86 embedded hardware – we can deliver top of the line Firemonkey applications. And naturally, our node.js and smart pascal solutions run on all platforms. That is the benefit of compiling for the JVM as opposed to native machine code.



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