14316888_10210307219627620_9112793190248806470_nLinda Lauritzen has a background in the medical and pharmaseutical industry. She is a trained medical assistant with many years of running an office and working with customers in her portfolio.

Linda is in charge of dispatching orders, accounting and delegating tasks.

Software architecture

Jon Lennart Aasenden is a well known developer in the Embarcadero Delphi and C++ 14203388_10153759624845906_535342988616138696_nbuilder community. He has produced countless tutorials, components and products over the years.

He also the inventor of Smart Mobile Studio and the founder of Delphi Developer on Facebook. A community of over 4.500 active developers that Jon maintains together with Glenn Dufke and Peter Dunne.

Software engineering

22328_4755032043511_582259889_nGlenn Dufke is our youngest software engineer. He is enthusiastic about all things Delphi, Smart Pascal and C++. We have been lucky to have Glenn work with us on various projects, including HexLicense.

Like Jon, Glenn helps maintain Delphi Developer on Facebook and as such holds a key position in the community.

He works daily with both Embarcadero Delphi and Smart Pascal.